Pro Signatures Memorabilia specializes in charity and fundraising events of all kinds. We also offer online auctions that can be setup for your organization to raise money, contact us to learn more!Pro Signatures Memorabilia is a provider of authentic high-quality sports memorabilia….guaranteed. We partner with non-profit and charitable organizations, like yours, by selling our wide range of sports memorabilia at auctions and events. Your supporters will enjoy our extensive selection and affordable prices, because we have products for every sports fan, gift giver and every budget!We’ll assist you in meeting and exceeding your fundraising goals. Pro Signatures Memorabilia will provide sports items to your charity or organization on a consignment basis. All the items are offered to you at wholesale prices, so YOU decide what to sell them for at your event. Anything over and above the wholesale price… your organization keeps. Best of all, you are not responsible for any unsold merchandise. It’s that easy!

Pro Signatures Memorabilia will help you raise money with NO-RISK and NO-WORRIES because…

• We bring the largest selection of memorabilia including: baseball, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, racing (Nascar), golf, soccer and celebrity memorabilia. All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

• We pay all of our own expenses, with absolutely no cost to your organization.

• We have all items/products on-site at your event so your supporters will leave with their winning items in-hand.

• We offer a life-time guarantee on all products.

So Call today so we can help you with your Fundraising needs!

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